ABOUT KOA (koh-ah)

Aloha everyone! Originally from Hawaii I moved to Arizona for school. I quickly learned that it just was not for me and got the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a Tattoo Artist. And….. here I am. Since then I’ve traveled to other places for conventions or guest spots and had the pleasure of sharing my art wherever I go while learning more and more. I am an award winning artist, and I love doing big pieces with creative freedom so that I may continue entering more competitions.
I love everything about tattooing but what I am mostly known for is my Realism and Portraits of all sorts (i.e. Disney/Movie characters/ etc.) However I also do a bunch of Mandalas, Polynesian tribal, and Lettering. I love Black and Grey but also do a lot of Color. It’s always fun to mix it up. Other than that I’m not the type of artist to say pick me because I will do this and that, I just love tattooing and I can say I will give 100% no matter who it’s on, what it is, or how big. It doesn’t matter. My name and my work is more important than me just making money. If you’d like to make and appointment come down to the shop. I can also be contacted through social media @TATTOOSBYKOA